Symbols & Talisman


Symbols & Talisman

Here is a collection of talismans and symbols that belong to many
cultures, so these amulets will fit any person regardless of his views!

Crescent moon

Talisman, primarily helps the girls. It is a symbol of femininity and beauty. The Crescent moon gives a mysterious and unexplainable appeal of its owner. Also, it can enhance intuition, to help you find your path and follow it, as if highlighting them the way of life in the darkness of night.


The sun symbolizes vitality and strength. This talisman is suitable for those people who lead a very active lifestyle and they would like to have more energy. Also this amulet will protect you from diseases and evil forces. He will help you bring good luck.


One of the most interesting and powerful of amulets, which is used since ancient times. Whether it is painting, called mehndi, or painting with a Hamsa, its basic meaning is the palm, deflecting all the bad things from its owner. Likewise, Hamsa brings good luck and happiness.

Lotus Flower

This amazing flower grows white and beautiful among the muddy swampy water, so the Lotus symbolizes purity and spiritual perfection. The symbol of the Lotus is often used by young girls to find love, as well as expectant mothers to protect their unborn child.


The owl is a symbol of independence and freedom. She is able to help the person who chose this mascot to see what is hidden from others, like an Owl, coming out to hunt at night.


As a mythical animal and the mascot suitable for those people who need inner strength to implement the important goals in your life. This symbol also gives its owner the wisdom in solving problems in any area of your life, without conflict helps to solve any questions.


The mascot, is able to convey the strength and power of its owner. Also, it will help in situations where the necessary courage and determination.

Dream hunters

Has the ability to attract the evil and the good spirits of dreams, and then evil spirits becomes entangled in a web of patterns and disappear with the first rays of sun, and good gently down the feathers to the sleeper, giving him a light and good dreams.


This talisman will help those who want to have children. It is a symbol of fertility and abundance. As Fish are looking for motivated people to achieve goals despite any obstacles.

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